“Your Turn-Key Solution Is Rogue”

By Centralizing your Production, you can save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each year. We bring your creative visions to life and exceed expectations as cost efficiently as possible, without sacrificing the creative integrity. Whether developing a long-term campaign, digital execution or a one-off project, hiring Rogue is the most cost-efficient way to work.

Production Efficiencies

Our integrated producers are able to produce and manage all of your content production efforts happening across multiple platforms simultaneously, whether you have one creative agency partner or many. Our centralized production team handles all project efforts including budgets, deliverables and reporting, saving marketers time and energy.

We organize your projects and collaborate with all relevant partners to eliminate redundancies of staff and duplication of efforts. This leads to lower costs and faster production timelines, while ensuring the brand has a synergistic look and feel. Additionally, we maintain administrative continuity between all jobs, guaranteeing that nothing falls through the cracks, so you never overpay for production, still photography, music or talent. We coordinate all cross-platform talent fees upfront so you only pay one inclusive, pre-negotiated fee vs. separated silo-specific costs. We also properly assign talent category exclusivity, and track talent contract renewals and subsequent payments so they are always up to date and never delinquent.

Lastly, with Rogue in your corner, you’ll have an on-set production advocate who guides all production according to your best interests – your voice isn’t just heard, it is listened to and acted upon.

Cost Savings

At Rogue Producer we don’t just save you dollars, we save you from wasting dollars. On average, our clients see a 21-32% savings in overall production costs.

With Rogue, marketers have an advocate managing the process who treats your money as if it’s our own. We work for you directly and put self-interest on the shelf to get you, the brand, direct savings and best-in-class execution across all production lines.

We are vendor agnostic and every member of our team is a seasoned negotiator who can deal fairly and firmly to find the exact right suppliers based on each project’s needs.

All jobs are not created equally. Unlike most agencies, which are signatories to SAG and mandated to only use union talent, Rogue Producer provides marketers the unique ability to use union or non-union talent so that, when appropriate, we can provide significant additional savings to your bottom line.


Rogue Producer provides full transparency on costs and process. With Rogue, your money is never buried or combined with other services to keep you in the dark. We explain what drives the pricing and outline options, and we are 100% transparent with all of our costs, clearly detailing each estimate or SOW. There are no hidden costs. No surprises.

Lower Fees

We offer an a-la-carte menu, allowing you to pay for exactly what you need, when you need it. Our fees are fixed. We do not bill hourly. We bill based on the project and nothing more.

“You can be Rogue too”